Non-breaking Space Syntax Plugin

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The markup syntax implemented by this plugin is quite simple and looks like either


(i.e. a backslash1) character followed by a space)2) or


(for those of you who'd rather a more expressive markup). Whenever one of the­se cha­rac­ter sequences3) is found it will be replaced by the appropriate UTF-8 cha­rac­ters. That's all.

Personally I'd recommend to use the first variant (i.e. \ ) as it both seems to be more intuitive and needs less characters to type and store.
Both ways of mark­up, how­ever, are replaced by the UTF-8 character sequence exactly the same.

backslash: ASCII char #92
One could call this an „escaped space
you may use whichever variant you like and may even mix them in the same page
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