html5video Plugin

Syntax for this plugin matches (as closely as possible) the default syntax for images in DokuWiki.

Simple syntax:


Where URL is any valid web address or a local DokuWiki address (e.g. :namespace:video.webm). If you uploaded your video via the Media Manager, this is the exact syntax used when you insert that file. Any properly encoded webm, ogv, or mp4 file should work. By default, this plugin sets the video size to half 720p (640×360). To enter your own size, use the following syntax:




More detailed Syntax descriptions and additional features are covered in the next section.


  • URL can be one of this:
    • A valid web URL (e.g.
    • A media link within your wiki (e.g. namespace:my_video.webm)
  • WIDTHxHEIGHT is the desired width and height of your video player within the page
  • ATTRIBUTES can be one or both of the following (separated by commas)
    • loop - Loops the video to play again once it reaches the end
    • autoplay - Automatically starts the video when the page is loaded

:!: Note that you can use ATTRIBUTES without specifying a WIDTHxHEIGHT, but if you do so, you must include the additional pipe(|) character (e.g. {{:namespace:myvid.webm||loop,autoplay}}

You can also align your video with the same basic syntax that works on images in DokuWiki. That is, by adding a space before or after the syntax, within the curly braces. A space at the beginning aligns the video to the right (text flows around the left), a space at the end aligns the video to the left (text flows around the right), and a space on both sides centers the video as a block and text starts below it.


  • Float video left:
    {{URL| }}
  • Float video right:
    {{ URL|}}
  • Center video:
    {{ URL| }}
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